Company Profile


Since 2004 Skytechnology supplies compliance and embedded services to the Automotive, Telecom, Aerospace & Defense, Railway, Medical Devices, Pharma and Energy & Automation industries.

Our turnkey product capability ranges  from concept to tested and certified industrial prototypes ready for production. The Hardware and Software development can be carried out conforming to international standard (Cenelec, CE, …) and market specific directives (IEC61508, EN50128, DO254,…)

Moreover  Skytechnology realizes  test and simulation systems and provides consulting services in the areas of  Verificaton&Validation and RAMS analysis.
Leveraging on  Skytechnology services, Customers may concentrate resources and  skills on developing value added and unique components of their products and applications.

The Skytechnology Practices are:

  • HW Services
  • FPGA Services
  • SW Services
  • Test and simulation systems
  • Compliance


Hardware Services

Skytechnology offers to the Customers a complete set of hardware design services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Requirement specifications
  • Hardware development
  • Complex FPGA
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Production/factory testing




FPGA Services

The FPGA development is one of the specialties of Skytechnology.

The following services are available:

  • Development of FPGA turnkey
  • Development of IP
  • Development of FPGA approach with Fault Tolerance
  • Verification according DO254

Software Services

Skytechnology designs, develops and tests Firmware and Software based on multiple HW/SW platforms. We cooperate with Customers applying the workflows close to the main sector standards like EN 50128 (Transportation), ECSS (Space), RTCA/DO-178B (Avionic) IEC 62304 (Medical), ISO 26262 (Automotive). According to the sector and customer needs the applied project workflow follows the classic Water-Fall scheme or the Agile scheme if it needs to apply an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities

The firmware activities involve the lower layers of embedded software systems, where real time aspects are the main hints. The hardware — both microprocessors and DSPs, — is strictly tied to our packages, including BSP, O.S. customization, middleware and specific small applications.

The software activities involve the upper layers of embedded systems, often using cross-compilation techniques. Typically, we implements core applications, by using Graphical User Interface, Data Bases, Communication Stacks, application frameworks, etc.

As a software system grows more complex, the need to test it at every stage of the development lifecycle grows equally. Static and dynamic testing techniques (unit and integration testing) has repeatedly been shown to be highly effective in finding defects early in the lifecycle, minimizing the cost implications of faults. We use a wide range of environment suites, tools and protocols, depending by the application type, rules and constraints that apply to the specific test or integration project.

Test & Simulation Systems

Skytechnology designs and develops Testing and Simulation Systems for mission critical and safety critical sectors. Skytechnology masters all the competences (software, mechanics, electronics, electromechanics, and hydraulics) needed to realize the Systems.

Skytechnology may provide, if requested, the validation of the System, accordingly the reference standards.

Skytechnology delegates to third party suppliers the manufacture and the assembly activities (PCB, boards, switchboards, mechanics, wirings …)


The Compliance practice provides the following service:

  • Product Compliance related to reach the product certification (CE marking or successful assessment) to allow Customers to homologate/commission the product
  • Process Compliance to help Customers to set up the organization necessary to manage technical standards or best practices (ISO IEC 15504 –Spice , A-SPICE, CMMI, ITIL, etc.) related to quality, safety, security, software, hardware issues.
  • Reverse Compliance to help Customers to reach compliance for existing products
  • Training services related to the need of Customers to get compliance and work in compliance