Skytechnology is strongly focused on telecom market. Over years, Skytechnology people have gained considerable experiences and insight in these field.

So far, Skytechnology can support clients on following areas:

  • board design for telecom systems, either for supervision or for traffic management units
  • firmware and software development for network elements
  • design and integration of telecom and photonics test systems
  • design and implementation of simulators of telecom devices
  • implementation of protocols stacks

More in detail, Skytechnology has designed intelligent boards, to be integrated in telecom system, micro and/or FPGA based. Boards range from interfaces on E1/T1 flows to SDH/Sonet framers (STM OC192); from VCAT/LCAS SDN/Sonet dtelecom (1)evices to control and supervision of access and transport systems (PDH, SDH).

Another covered market is broadcasting, where Skytechnology has designed and developed on programmable devices in areas like NICAM encoding, DVBT applications, image compression and filtering.

In testing area, Skytechnology has gained a strong characterization on photonic systems, designing and implementing test systems aimed to optical active devices test and calibration, like transponders, DWDM amplifiers, transceivers, etc.

In the firmware area, Skytechnology experiences range from low-level development (like BSP and driver realization) up to on-board full-featured applications.

Aside from strict firmware/software development, firmly stands the activity of integration, which spans from integration and validation of networked devices up to Java simulators for process testing.

The span of matured competences reflects the richness of known tools and development environment: from VHDL to very high level object-oriented languages; from clients custom OSes to network operating systems, passing from real-time environments; from simple electronic devices to complex, articulated optical systems; from low-level driver to control of dozens of different instruments: the handled scenarios are many and various.

The Skytechnology proposition for the Telecom market includes the Multipath Fading Emulator (MFE), a Software to emulate the multipath fading effect typical of wireless communication channels.