HW Services

 HW Services

Skytechnology has the knowledge and the expertise to support the customers in the design of electronic boards, following completely or in part the work cycle, from the drafting of the requirements to the delivery of the prototypes or series.

The hardware development Team boasts experience design in a wide range of applications and for many vertical markets such as Telecom, Broadcast, Defense, Space, Railway and Energy & Automation. The aim, from the project start, is to follow the customer, until the production phase, in a simple, fast and cost-effective way.

VPX-2The following services are available:

  • Requirements Specification.
  • High complexity (FPGA, DSP, CPU, DDR2/3, PCIe, Multi-Gigabit Transceiver, fast ADC and DAC) digital boards design.
  • I/O and signal conditioning (sensors interface, electric insulation, VME, MODBUS, etc.) boards design.
  • Signal & Power Integrity.
  • Analysis thermo-structural & Design thermo-mechanical
  • Qualification tests definition and execution.
  • Approval of the final product
  • Test benches development & construction
  • Prototipe supply.
  • Automatic Test Equipment for production.
  • Production & Production Support.
  • DO-254 Certification Support

This is a series of comprehensive End-to-End services, which may also include testing and software development from other practices of Skytechnology. Services may be delivered in turn-key mode or in term of time&material consultancy.

Skytechnology is a member of the Altera Design Service Network and is an Altera Training Partner.


Partner di Altera Consultants Alliance Program




Skytechnology designs devices based on Altera products and deliver the official trainings.


The following are some examples of boards designed recently, divided by markets:


    • INFN Supercomputer Janus II
    • INFN Supercomputer Apenet
  • Defense 
    • Formatter
    • Ethernet Switch
    • Intelligent Multifunction I/O Subsystem
  • Energy&Automation
    • Mixed signals control board for automation application

Test benches supply for validation and trouble-shooting

Skytechnology supports its customers in the test benches development for:

  • project validation
  • engineering departments
  • troubleshooting of return from the field problems
  • logistics departments