OPEN VPx boards



General Description

The VP-2101 is a 3U OpenVPX™ board for general-purpose I/O applications requiring air-cooled or conduction cooled equipment. It is designed for the most demanding applications, combining system-on-chip capabilities together with the flexibility of interfaces customization via several available add-on modules.

DO-254 certification package and manufacturing data package are also available on customer demand.


  •  3U OpenVPX™ form factor
  • Altera Cyclone VTM SoC FPGA
  • Two expansion slots featuring high-speed interface and multi-rail power supplies
  • SD card
  • Two Triple speed Ethernet ports
  • PCIe Gen2 x 4 interface
  • Two 1-GByte DDR3 on-board memory banks
  • 128 MBytes Serial Flash device
  • 4 Kbytes serial EEPROM
  • I2C, USB 2.0 OTG and JTAG interfaces
  • Conduction-cooled and Air-cooled version available

Expansion slots signal

  •  3 x clk signals (25 MHz s.e. + 125 MHz differential + User defined s.e.)


    Open VPx flyer

  • 2 x transceiver links up to 5Gbit/s to FPGA
  • 16 TX/RX LVDS pairs + 2 LVDS clock signals to FPGA
  • 22 single ended signals from Slot1/Slot2 to FPGA
  • 72 user defined signals from Slot1/Slot2 to P2 connector
  • 8 single ended signals from Slotl to Slot2
  • Power supplies (2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 3.3V Aux, 12V Aux, -12V Aux)