The engineering railway market sees a growing number of electronic systems being incorporated into trains and subway systems to ensure passenger safety and railway efficiency.

The major impact of computers is in the areas of vehicles (locomotives, high-speed trains, metro-trains, etc…) and of system technology (traffic management, train protection, passenger information, passenger safety, etc…)

A major impact on vehicle technology is in train protection and control. That can include the control of vital functions (e.g., drive, brake, power supply, tilting technology), safety management (doors, light, etc.) and convenience functions (heating, air conditioning, etc.) inside the vehicle.

Electronics inside a rail vehicle have to meet severe requirements in term of:

  •  Robustness and reliability
  • Safety Integrity
  • Long-term availability

SONY DSC Skytechnology provides

 Compliance and System Assurance services

  •  Processes definition (e.g. design process for Sw, in compliance to EN50128:2011)
  • Preparation of RAM plans and Safety Plans (EN 50129, EN50128:2011, prEN 50126 ,EN 61508:2010) and related RAMS analysis to support reliability/availability demonstration and system/device maintainability
  • Training courses on Cenelec Standards (EN50126, EN50129, EN50128:2011)
  • Prepare and support Customers during incoming audits & assessments

Engineering services

  • Hardware design and development compliant with Cenelec / EN 61508:2010 Norms
  • Complex FPGA design compliant with Cenelecs / EN 61508:2010 Norms
  • Prototypes and series manufacturing;
  • Software Design and Development up SIL 4
  • Reverse engineering of existing software to comply with EN 50128:2011
  • Implementation of RQMTS Traceability
  • design and development of testing and simulation systems for:
    • verification and validation of applications up to SIL 4
    • Maintenance and Diagnostic

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